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Move-in info

1. Pay security deposit and pet deposit (if applicable).  This is sent via PayPal invoice.

2. Pay first month’s rent. Monthly rent will be prorated for the first month if you move in before the 15th.  If you move in on or after the 15th, your first bill will cover that month and the following month.  After the first payment, rent will be due on the 1st of each month. Each invoice includes a 4% merchant charge which is allowed by JTR Table 2-24 "A merchant surcharge of up to 4% on the GTCC*, or a personal charge card if the Service member is exempt from using the GTCC*."  Your unit should reimburse you for this as it is allowed by the JTR.  If you would like to not be charged a merchant charge, you must pay with a bank account or an American Express credit card which allows you to send money to friends without a fee for either person.  This must be sent outside of the invoice and do not select "Paying for Goods/Services."  Contact us if you need help with this option.

3. Property addresses:

 - 309 Sea Headrig Dr. Cibolo, TX 78108 - putting green house. Mailbox is 50 yards west of the front door, center unit, box #2.

 - 10458 Bulwark Peak Converse, TX 78109 - huge patio house. Mailbox is by pool, unit #2, box #15.

 - 3309 Morning Drive Schertz, TX 78108 - single family/pet friendly house

 - 10234 Waverunner Dr. Converse, TX 78109 - single family/pet friendly house

4. Make sure to check with the manager on assigned parking location, the HOA does not allow resident’s cars to be parked on the street at the Cibolo house.  If you are assigned a garage space, please use it as much as possible.

5. The front door code:

 - Sea Headrig & Waverunner: Text John, the manager, at 512-658-7637 for this.  Enter your code and turn the lock to the right to unlock.  Press the schlage button and turn to the left to lock.

 - Morning Dr & Bulwark: Text Christine, the manager, at 210-391-4319 for the code

6. Your room is assigned per the lease contract on DocuSign.  If you have any question upon arrival which room is yours, please contact the manager.  Please notify the manager if there are any damages or issues with the cleanliness of your room.  If at Sea Headrig, text the manager for your bedroom door code (512-658-7637).

7. The Sea Headrig wifi password is abcd1234, the fastest network is the PebbleBeach-5.  .

8. At Sea Headrig and Bulwark, you have access to our community pool during pool hours, please contact the manager if you are interested in using the community pool. A key fob is required for entry which is usually kept by the entry table or in the top right kitchen drawer or by the entry table at Sea Headrig.

9. Read and follow the house rules:
a. Keep the Premises clean and sanitary.
b. Promptly dispose of all garbage in appropriate receptacles.
c. Promptly inform Landlord via text message of any condition needing repair or replacement.
d. Place trash and recycling bins by the curb by:

 - Sea Headrig: Tuesday morning at 7 A.M. and bring the bins in to the garage by midnight Tuesday.

 - Bulwark: Wednesday morning by 7 A.M. and recycling by Friday morning at 7 A.M.

 - Morning Dr: check with manager

 - Waverunner: 
e. No smoking of any kind indoors or outdoors while a window or door is open.
f. The use of drugs or any other illegal substance is strictly prohibited.
g. Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM from Sunday to Thursday and from 11:30 PM to 8:00 AM Friday and Saturday. During these hours, music, TV volume, and other noises that are capable of being heard by the other Tenants are prohibited. Please wear headphones or keep your room’s TV volume to a minimum during quiet hours.
h. Dishes must be done immediately after use by rinsing and placing in the dishwasher, once full, please run the dishwasher.
i. You are staying in a beautiful home that is part of a beautiful and family-friendly neighborhood. Please be respectful, courteous, and friendly with the neighbors. Please do not share your rental contract info with any of the neighbors.
j. The BBQ grill is to be used on the designated concrete slab that is not covered by the patio. Please contact the manager on instructions on how to use a propane grill, if necessary. Please replace the cover to the grill when not in use to protect the grill and to help keep it clean.  Please use the wire grill brush after every use to keep clean.  If it is not clean when you move-in, contact the manager and we will have it cleaned.
k. Please keep the rear door to the house locked when not utilizing the back yard.
l. Cleaning service is provided every 7-14 days, see manager for specific cleaning schedule. Cleaning service mainly covers the common areas but also includes vacuuming in your room. If there are any areas that are dirty and need attention from our staff, please let us know and we will address them. You will wash your own linens, detergent is provided. Please keep the house in a clean and orderly manner and we will help make it even better.  Please leave a "No cleaning please" sticky note on cleaning days if you do not wish to have cleaning service for that week in your room.

10. Paper towels, dishwasher soap, and toilet paper are also supplied, if you are running low, please let management know at least a week before you think it will run out so we have time to deliver it.

11. Please contact the manager if you have any questions or concerns about anything during your stay.  If any repairs are needed or there are any issues that need immediate attention, text John at 512-658-7637 (Sea Headrig & Waverunner). 

12. Please visit and submit a positive review.  This helps us keep the doors open and provide you with the best services possible during your stay!

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